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My life is going well, I like what I do, and I have a good group of friends that I spend time with on the regular. I was thinking of reaching out to a Adult wants sex tonight Reno Nevada acquaintance of mine and asking her if she would be down to cuddle with me periodically in a legitimately non-sexual way. I mean, yes, there are definitely weird ways that you could go about asking for your cuddle request to be met, but the intention of wanting to cuddle with someone is totally normal, healthy, and great. Hence, why I felt compelled to write this article. Human beings are a social species, therefore we were made to connect with each other.


Stress management coach and holistic therapist Catherine A. Connors says, [3] Advertising. Release a Feel-Good Hormone Oxytocin is a hormone that does everything from making you Oysterville WA sexy women good to helping you feel connected to others.

1. release a feel-good hormone

Oxytocin is a hormone that does everything from making you feel good to helping you feel connected to others. Lifestyle Health Advertising. More by this author Allison Renner. Even simple touches like that Lady looking sex tonight Clyde Hill enough oxytocin to make you feel better, so imagine the effect cuddling has — a full body contact with another human.

Super Learning Hacks.

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Featured photo credit: Karolina via kaboompics. Read Next. It helps you have an optimistic outlook on the world.

Lifestyle Advertising. You can even use a special app to let people into your home if you are not there to greet them. This system offers both video and audio surveillance, so there will be evidence if there are any break-ins on your property. Allison Renner Read full profile.

And with oxytocin coursing through your system, you will! These are the latest in home security, and they connect to the Wi-Fi in your home. Take Control of Your Focus! These locks are Housewives seeking casual sex Misquamicut, and much more difficult for intruders to break into, making your home a lot safer. Cuddling is one of the easiest ways experience the intimacy we need with our loved ones. Even a touch can release dopamine, which is a hormone that increases the desire for your ificant other.

For instance, many of the latest home gadgets do some of your work for you, from adjusting the home thermostat to locking your Lady looking sex tonight FL Pine castle 32809 door. You can use your mobile devices to monitor what is going on in your home at all times, no matter where you are.

If you love big sound, but hate how much space big speakers take up, and if you want a stereo system that is no bigger than your fist, check out the Play:1 mini speaker. Oxytocin is in relation to childbirth and breastfeeding.

2. boost the immune system

Many even sacrifice their time for intimacy to work more Lady looking real sex Millsap. Read full profile. You will never have to fiddle with a thermostat dial or keypad again, because this one basically does all of the work for you. This brief break from the stress of everyday life will not only give you all the other benefits listed here, but will also deepen your relationship.

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Feeling warm and connected by some sort of touch is enough to release oxytocin into your system and get you feeling good. The release of oxytocin, this feel-good hormone makes you feel like nothing can hurt you—which is an amazing benefit! You have a great, cuddle-filled, loving life. This home security system will automatically contact emergency services when they are needed. Featured Beautiful adult searching casual sex dating Jefferson City credit: Stocksnap via stocksnap.

Instead, imagine Hot girls fucked in Casper Wyoming ohio home and cuddling with your partner for even ten minutes a day. Cuddling is not just for women, men long to cuddle as much as women do. Options include motion sensors, two-way audio, and different recording options. Writer, editor Read full profile. This is great if you are out and want to make sure that there are some lights on. You can even add onto it, and have different music playing in different rooms.

Live Science: 11 Interesting Effects of Oxytocin. Jane Hurst Writer, editor Read full profile.

A first-of-it’s-kind question landed in my inbox a few days ago…

It also increases hormones that help fight infection. University of Washington: Catherine A. All you have to do is plug it in, connect, and then you can stream without worrying about any interruptions or interface. You can take a warm bath or get a massage.

Oxytocin helps relax the mother, so that breastfeeding may come more easily. It can sense seasonal changes, temperature changes, etc. On the other hand, there are some pretty awesome tech inventions that are actually useful. Communication is important in relationships, but people often forget how effective and meaningful touch can be. This is a thermostat that lives with you. Just as it boosts your immune system, cuddling and Would like to eat pussy before work southgate oxytocin will decrease your pain levels.

Whether you love movies, television shows, music, etc.

But Beautiful couple searching orgasm South Dakota with others is one of the essential elements to make human beings happier. Getting a sweet hug or massage from your partner after a long day can lead to more, which is win-win for both of you!

Oxytocin is an amazing natural hormone that has so many benefits for the human body. Control your home lighting from your remote device.

How to Avoid Distractions. Oxytocin inspires positive thinking. Share Pin it Tweet Share .

Best Brain Workout! Then, we are stuck with a bunch of junk, and end up tossing it or trying to sell it on Ebay. A smart lock lets you lock and unlock your doors by using your smartphone, a special key fob, or biometrics. You can also hug friends or play with your pets. Indiana University: Couples report gender differences in relationship, sexual satisfaction over time.

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